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2011 Nov 18, Add new Source

Happy Feet 2 3D

English  |  Comedy & Humor
If you loved Happy Feet back in 2006 you will go crazy for the sequel titled Happy Feet 2 in 3D. This time around Mumble the penguin finds his son Erik is afraid to dance and needs some guidance from old dad. Along comes The Mighty Sven who just happens to be a flying penguin! Mumble finds he must summon the penguin nations together due to some pretty powerful forces bearing down on him. And soon all is right with the world of penguins once again. The same happy and charming emperor penguins from the first film are back, still singing songs to find their “soul mates” and we find heroes are as important as ever. And while Mumble could cut a mean rug tap dancing but could not sing, his son is an opposite who sings very well but is fearful of dancing in public. Fun and fantasy abound in Happy Feet 2 shown in 3D. Elijah Wood is back for the voice of Mumble.
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