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2011 Feb 25, Add new Source

Hall Pass

English  |  Comedy & Humor
When the Farrelly Brothers set out to make a movie they always go for the humorous and predictable male ego (they’re so easy). Guys like Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis) are easy to manipulate and their wives certainly know how to “push their buttons”. So when these long time best friends, with lots in common, become restless and bored with their home life, it’s up to their long suffering wives to find a method of recharging their interest in home life. Both Rick’s wife, portrayed by Jenna Fischer, and Jason’s wife, played by Christina Applegate know what’s on their men’s devious little minds and give them a Hall Pass to go out and do whatever they wish for one week. This offering is something the two restless married men find mighty attractive until they realize their wives have plans to do the same thing with their time away from the men in their lives. Soon enough each individual finds their expectations may be set too low. A romantic comedy with great writing and a superb cast make Hall Pass (2011) one to watch and perhaps learn something from the message.
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