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2011 Sep 30, Add new Source

Dream House

English  |  Horror & Suspense
While the beauty of Ontario Canada has been used for much of the footage of Dream House, it is an American film of the horror genre and set in a quaint but fictitious town in New England. Publisher Will Atenton (played by Daniel Craig of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) along with wife Libby (Rachel Weisz from The Lovely Bones, The Brothers Bloom) find their perfect Dream House was the scene of a horrific murder of a mother and children supposedly at the hands of the husband/father. Naomi Watts (21 Grams, Mulholland Dr.) also stars as Ann Patterson, a neighbor who may be able to provide clues to the deaths. Writers, cast, and crew seem to love taking a peaceful community setting and making it the unsettling scene for murder and mayhem just to keep us, the audience, on the edge of our seats for two hours or so. It sells plenty of tickets and it works!
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