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2012 Feb 03, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Written by John Landis and his son, Max, Chronicle takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of adventure as we watch three teenaged boys who learn they are developing superpowers after exposure to some mysterious substances while walking through the woods nearby their homes. Typical of many teenagers these boys find they have a rather dark side to their personalities when their strange and powerful new capabilities become increasingly strong. They each must decide how best to handle their powers and while impressive, they can also be dangerous to themselves and others. John Landis is well known as director of such fun and entertaining movies as Animal House and American Werewolf in London and now teams up with his son, Max to come up with this delightful film. Shot in a pretend documentary style, and using hand held cameras (think Blair Witch Project), Chronicle is entertaining and enlightening. Stars Michael B. Jordan (Parenthood, Lie To Me), Dane DeHaan (In Treatment, True Blood), and Alex Russell (Wasted on the Young, Almost Kings) are the three young men who find their lives changed forever by the mysterious substance they encounter in the woods.
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