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2006 Jun 25, Add new Source

Broken Trail

English  |  War & Western
An Emmy winning movie, Broken Trail is an AMC original that stars Robert Duvall as Print Ritter; an 1890’s cowboy and Thomas Hayden Church as his nephew Tom Harte. Print is tired of working for everyone else and just wants ranch of his own, so when he gets the shot to move 500 horses from Oregon to Wyoming, he figures this is his shot. He enlists the help of his nephew Tim, however, the journey does not go as planned. Along the way they encounter many dangers and people who need their help, but they never run. Together the two men rescue women from prostitution, take on thieves and native warriors in hopes of just reaching their destination for the big payout. Broken Trail movie shows that when you do the right thing, in the end, the payout is worth far more, the two men have a new lease on life and happiness.
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