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2011 Apr 08, Add new Source


English  |  Comedy & Humor
Sure, the agonizing choice between love and money is a staple in the rom-com genre. After all, what sustains Jane Austen’s perennial popularity more than her poignant, insightful portrayals of sweet young things torn between desire for love and need for thousands-a-month? We do not, however, often see men in the same dilemma, so Arthur strongly suggests that some bois may have hearts after all. Well, underneath the profligacy and playboy stuff, bois may have hearts. In Arthur, the title character must decide between preserving his inheritance by acquiescing in an arranged marriage or protecting his heart by staying with the woman he truly loves. Naturally, no spoilers required. Yes, this year’s Arthur is a remake of the Dudley Moore classic; you may compare and contrast at your leisure. With Russell Brand and Jennifer Garner filling the screen, the old story has a whole new look, feel, and flavour. And with Helen Mirren playing Hobson, the adult supervision, aka Arthur’s devoted caretaker and confidante, we get just the right measure of gravitas to keep the funny and ironic parts truly funny and ironic.
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