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2011 Sep 23, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
Nathan Price (played by Taylor Lautner) has had a strange feeling that he is living the life of another and when he stumbles across a childhood photo of himself posted on a website realizes his worries have been real. How can who he believes are his parents actually be his? Now he must find out why there is danger and mystery involved in his past. Has he been abducted as a child? Was he led to believe he was someone else, and if so then why? Trained killers are looking for Nathan, forcing him to flee his comfortable life. A neighbor, Karen (played by Lily Collins) is the only person Nathan feels he can trust and the pair run in an attempt to elude an army of federal operatives and trained assassins. What is it about his past that is so special and so very scary? He must stop running and face his demons in order to survive. Sigourney Weaver (as Dr. Bennett) and Maria Bello (as Mara) also star in this loose adaptation of a made for television movie from 1995 titled The Face on the Milk Carton.
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